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Project. Tours with collaborations in North America

With the Minguet Quartett (Germany)

Bach Concerto in d-minor, BWV. 1052.

"Andreas Klein joined the quartet for Bach's Piano Concerto, S.1052. Klein is a stupendous pianist. His touch, which embraced a variety of articulations and dynamic levels, was always spot-on. The outer fast movements sparkled in its endless cascade of melodic figures, delivered about as fast as one dare play them; the inner quieter movement still retained its forward momentum while displaying Bach's lyrical and highly ornamental cantabile style. This was a stunning performance by any standard, and it brought the audience to its feet in a rousing ovation."
CVNC Online Arts Journal, Asheville

"Andreas Klein, the German-American pianist from New York, was the piano soloist in the concerto, bringing to his performance a mature understanding of the piece, as well as a brilliant execution, particularly evident in the fetching finale. Overall, this was a highly satisfying performance of this most attractive concerto. The audience response was warm, for it was evident that this had been an evening of unusual music, played by five highly talented performers, who gave of their German best in a homage to one of Canada's greatest musical figures."
Calgary Herald

Upcoming performances will include in Washington, DC, Winnipeg, Chicago!

With the Minetti Quartett (Austria)

Mozart Concerto KV 414.

"All five musicians brought a wide range of musical tones and colors to the performance, but pianist and UVM junior Kayo Nagai said that she particularly enjoyed Klein's addition to the program. 'He is calm and sophisticated, and he never forces music on the audience. It's like the music just happens', Nagai said."
Vermont Independent

With Cuarteto Casals (Spain)

Schumann Piano Quintet.

"We have had an overwhelming response from this amazing performance"
Kreeger Museum, Washington, DC

"Surely the most ravishing and thrilling seven minutes of chamber music repertoire"
Telegram Gazette

With the Salzburg Chamber Soloists (Austria)

Mozart Piano Concerto KV 414.
"A bright and likable reading of Mozart's Piano Concerto KV 414. They were joined by the fine German-born pianist Andreas Klein, who offered thoughtful and idiomatic playing, technical chops and a good sense of collaboration with the orchestra."
St. Louis Dispatch

"Seasoned Mozartean Andreas Klein a refined and elegant pianist perfectly suited for the work."
Palm Beach Dayly News

"Mexico City Festival opening concert: En el concierto de aperture tuvo unda acrtuacon brillantísima el pianista alemán Andreas Klein quien movió sobre el teclado su manos con extraordinaria precisión, velocidad y buen talante. La gente lo hizo regresar para los encores dos veces. El discípulo de Claudio Arrau y Nikita Magalof interpreté el concierto para piano y orquesta núm. 13 en Do mayor, k. 415, también de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart."
Cronica de Hoy

"Ludwig van Beethoven's Fourth Piano concerto, with soloist Andres Klein, in an arrangement by Beethoven for strings and piano. And in the hands of great musicians such as these, the work receives its due. And indeed this was a gorgeously crafted and played account that gave attention to details of dynamics, tempos and expression. A fine collaboration between the soloist and the orchestra was on display here. Klein's interpretative skills, his musicality and technical acumen allowed for a very musical reading, that was complemented by the ensemble."
Desert News, Salt Lake City

With the Lucerne Festival Strings (Switzerland)

Mozart Concerto KV 514.

"The virtuosity of these performers was on greater display in Mozart's Concerto No. 12 in A, K. 414. The intelligent soloist Andreas Klein's articulate yet flowing pianism nicely matched the orchestra's sound in this crystalline work. Stravinsky's Concerto in D for String Orchestra had every bit as much of this Mozartian clarity and grace."
Washington Post

"The highlight was Mozart's piano concerto KV 414 with Andreas Klein as soloist. Klein performed with fluid but almost understated grace. Together they produced an elegant unforced interpretation."
Houston Chronicle

With the Stockton Symphony

"Internationally renowned concert pianist Andreas Klein joined forces with the Stockton Symphony to tackle Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4. His precision and communication with conductor Peter Jaffe made this daunting work a thing of beauty and brilliance. The contrasting dialogue between piano and strings in the brief but moving second movement evoked conflict and sadness, which is soon eclipsed by the ecstatic rondo of the third movement."
Matthew Baer, Special to The Record

With the Fox Valley Symphony

"A bright, unmistakably Schubertian opening sets the tone for the piece. From Klein's first entry throughout the entire Liszt's Schubert Fantasie he played with articulate clarity while displaying expressive technique and craftsmanship. I was particularly taken with his voicing in the slow, second section, one of two solo passages that featured Klein. The ensemble between orchestra and soloist was excellent, providing an uninterrupted flow from beginning to end. Perhaps the most exciting moment was the return of the opening theme in the final section, scored in fugal imitation propelling the fantasy to its grandiose conclusion, where one could not help but hear Liszt's impact on the work."
Post Crescent

Concerts at the International Piano Festival in Mexico:

Monterey: "Pianist Andreas Klein showed an elegance and a magisterial technique in his execution which prompted the enthusiastic applause of the public at the International Festival at 17 Sala Beethoven in Monterey, Mexico. Klein possesses a refined technique which shone with equal brightness, smooth touch and great vigor in Schumann's "Fantasie Stuecke" and the audience heard an interpretation of the highest rank in his "Wanderer Fantasie" by Schubert. Klein instilled in his execution deep lyrical flights of inspiration. Nothing missed this interpretation which was accomplished with a sincere and noble expressiveness."

Torreon: "Andreas Klein, an artist who captivated the audience with his deeply thoughtful and disciplined interpretation of three grand romantic works. His playing deserved great respect ... it was methodical, with discipline and significance, because it was a complete give and take in the service of the music. Not to oversee in this artist is his spectacular work which was free of the average showmanship. In his interpretation of those three grand romantic works (Schumann: Fantasie Stuecke; Schubert; Wanderer Fantasy, Beethoven's Gran Sonata) he was committed as close to the musical score as it is supposed to be with such big romantic works."